How Ryan Higa Became A YouTube Icon

Comedian and vlogger Ryan Higa is better known by his YouTube moniker, Nigahiga. His channel is one of the few with more than twenty million subscribers. His videos spend a lot of time at the top of YouTube’s trending page, too.

Here’s how Ryan Higa became a YouTube icon.

1. His channel was initially a team effort.

Like Smosh or Rhett and Link, Ryan knew right off the bat that creating great content often requires a team of skilled people. In 2006, he created the Nigahiga channel alongside his friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago.

Together, they posted lots of lip sync videos, soon expanding into other forms of comedy.

2. Ryan learned how to work for himself before starting a production company.

The Nigahiga channel transitioned into a solo project when Ryan moved to Las Vegas for school. He began to collaborate with other YouTubers as well.

In 2012, Ryan once again teamed up with Sean to create a production company that creates all of the content for his channel.

3. He expanded his brand into other forms of media.

Ryan and Sean worked with producer Richard Van Vleet to create the feature-length film Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure. Ryan also created two short films and starred in the 2016 horror film Tell Me How I Die.

Ryan Higa became a YouTube icon because he learned how to make his success a team effort. By working alongside other creators, you may find yourself in a spotlight big enough to share.

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