How Rihanna Stays Interesting

Rihanna is the youngest solo artist to earn fourteen number one singles on the BillBoard Top 100. She also currently has eight grammy awards, twelve Billboard music awards, and nine American music awards. Throughout the entirety of her long and successful career, she has managed to stay relevant and interesting while remaining true to her music.

Here are a few things that musicians and budding musicians can learn from her:

1. Reinvent yourself.

Today, Rihanna would hardly recognize herself in 2005. Her musical style has evolved immensely over the course of her career. Her older music focuses more on catchiness and having fun while her most recent album, ANTI, focuses more on featuring her impressive vocals and evolved lyrics. Along with that, her image has evolved; once a top 40’s party girl, Rihanna has become a reigning “bad girl” of pop music.

Don’t be afraid to grow and evolve as a musician; change can be good.

2. Have other pursuits.

Rihanna also keeps her fans on their toes by being involved in other industries; Fenty x Puma, the collection she designed for Puma quickly sold out, some styles within a mere 2 hours. Musicians often consider music to be the most important thing, but don’t be afraid to try other things in your down time.

3. Collaborate.

Some of Rihanna’s most well known songs including “Work”, “We Found Love”, “Consideration”, and “What’s My Name” feature other artists. The other artists work to complement Rihanna’s musical style and vocals. Collaboration has always worked in a very positive way for Rihanna.

4. Be passionate.

Just listen to “Love on the Brain” and you will be unable to deny the fact that Rihanna is passionate. Rihanna co-writes many of her songs and she is always able to convey passion and emotion through her music; that might be why listeners are so attracted to her and her unique, raspy voice. Don’t be afraid to be emotional and passionate when creating music.

Rihanna can be seen as a musical role model and an inspiration; musicians can learn a lot from her evolution and growth.

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