How Natalia Taylor Became a Successful Vlogger

Aspiring model Natalia Taylor has been vlogging for less than a year, and she already has more than 350,000 subscribers. Here are three ways her videos got so popular so quickly.

1. She wasn’t afraid to get personal.

Natalia’s most popular video by far is a recent upload in which she discusses the time she was kidnapped as a child. In only a week, the video reached more than 4.5 million views. Though talking about the most difficult time in her life was scary, Natalia’s courage was rewarded.

Like Natalia, don’t be afraid to get personal with your vlogs. Be open with your viewers and share your heart with them.

2. She backs up her clickbait.

In the video below, Natalia says that, like many viewers, she doesn’t like it when YouTubers use misleading clickbait. However, as long as a shocking video title can be backed up with facts, she’s all for it.

Natalia’s clickbait titles always make sense after watching her videos. When you do use clickbait, make sure that your vlog is interesting enough to warrant a shocking title.

3. She invites viewers into her life.

Because Natalia is a model, she enjoys sharing her work life with her subscribers. She occasionally posts videos going behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot or giving viewers tips on becoming a model.

Ask yourself what part of your life you can share with your viewers. What expertise do you possess?

Natalia Taylor is well on her way to becoming the next biggest name on YouTube. If you emulate her methods, then you, too, could become a rising YouTube star.

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