How This Channel Became One of YouTube’s Most Subscribed-To

CollegeHumor is one of YouTube’s leading sources for comedy. Since the channel began ten years ago, CollegeHumor has built a reputation of laughs and in the process has earned more than eleven million subscribers.

Here’s what contributed to CollegeHumor’s success.

1. Make your videos about a variety of topics.

Whether a vlogger is creating storytimes, music videos, or makeup tutorials, it is always important to have variety. CollegeHumor creates parodies for a range of topics.

Whether the channel is poking fun at Star Wars, Google, or Madden, CollegeHumor keeps fans interested by offering an assortment of topics to parody.

2. Reveal something that viewers may not know.

Viewers are always looking to be taught about new things. When humor is added, certain subjects become a lot more fun to learn about.

Pick topics that intrigue viewers and teach them like CollegeHumor does in their Adam Ruins Everything segment.

3. Use the list format.

This is one of the keys for anyone looking to get into vlogging. Whether a YouTuber is making lists for favorite movies or lists about interesting facts, the use of numbers next to a headline lead to more clickable content.

CollegeHumor capitalizes on making lists that are unique, interesting, and humorous.

CollegeHumor has a combined total of more than five billion views. It has taken the channel ten years of hard work to achieve that milestone, but through interesting lists, humor, and a variety of posts, CollegeHumor accomplished a goal that any vlogger would be proud of. Take tips from one of the most watched channels and create something new.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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