How Live Streaming Can Grow Your Audience

A lot of social media video content these days seems to be “going live.” Whether it’s Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouNow, many content creators are using live streams to grow their audiences one broadcast at a time.

Here’s how you can use live streaming to grow your own audience.

1. Broadcasting often early in your career helps build a community around your channel.

Many up-and-coming content creators, such as Ally Hardesty and DontBeASadPanda, like to go live on YouNow multiple times a week. These late night hangouts with their subscribers have helped build a strong sense of community around their channels.

Tana Mongeau, for example, is one of the most controversial content creators while also being one of the most popular. By live streaming often early in her YouTube career, she turned her fans into friends and family. Now, they’re willing to watch her goofiest videos and see her live on tour.

2. Continuing to live stream keeps you current viewers invested in your channel.

Though Dan Howell only uploads one video a month, his viewers are still some of the most loyal and dedicated fans on the internet. To supplement the lack of videos his viewers crave, Dan dedicates forty-five minutes of every week to host a scheduled live stream with his subscribers.

Every Tuesday night, Dan answers fan questions, discusses his latest videos and projects, and updates viewers on what he’s been up to. For the thousands who tune in, this short time with the content creator they love is worth just as much as a new video.

3. You can make quick money through a live stream.

If you broadcast using YouTube’s own YouNow, then you can make money thanks to bars and gifts from fans. Viewers can pay to send a message to the top of the chat or just give money because they want to support your content. Be sure to thank viewers who send gifts and pay extra special attention to the “top fans” on each broadcast.

JennXPenn hosts a monthly YouNow show to supplement her video content.

Hosting a live show through YouNow is one of the easiest ways to both grow your audience and make a little more money to support your channel. Livestreaming is like hanging out with friends via Skype while increasing your YouTube success.

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