How Fall Out Boy Became An Iconic Band

Fall Out Boy defined music for a large and dedicated part of a generation. From their humble Illinois beginnings to their otherworldly levels of fame, the four band members never stop inspiring rising musicians across the globe.

Here’s how Fall Out Boy became an iconic band.

1. They tested out different members until they had the perfect mix.

All four members of the band started out in Chicago’s hardcore punk scene, but Fall Out Boy didn’t start out playing together. Bassist Pete Wentz and lead guitarist Joe Trohman first formed the band as a side project to explore pop punk music apart from their own hardcore bands.

As the band became a more serious venture, they added lead vocalist Patrick Stump. The band went through several different drummers before finally finding Andy Hurley. Together, the band recorded its debut studio album in 2003.

Take This To Your Grave became the blueprint for early 2000s pop punk music.

2. They built up success through heavy touring.

As their debut album became an underground success, the band didn’t stop touring. They gained a dedicated fan base by playing as many shows as they could. They also gained a bit of commercial success.

The band’s second album, From Under The Cork Tree, became Fall Out Boy’s major market breakthrough. The success of the second album earned the band international superstardom and a Grammy nomination.

3. The band took a break to explore other options.

After two more studio albums and multiple hits, Fall Out Boy decided to go on hiatus. The four members disbanded from 2009 to 2012 in order to explore their own individual side projects.

They regrouped in 2013 and have since released two more albums together. Both of the new albums went number one.

The band’s latest album sparked the hit “Centuries.”

Fall Out Boy defined the alternative music scene. Together, the four members brought pop punk music into the mainstream and influenced the popular music of the 21st century.

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