How Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video Became YouTube’s #1 Trending Video

Kendrick Lamar is killing the music game. His new music video for “Humble” attracted more than eight million viewers within the first day of its release.

Here’s how Kendrick’s “Humble” music video became YouTube’s top trending video.

1. He’s been teasing a potential new project.

Billboard speculated that “Humble” is a track on a new project that Kendrick may be dropping on April 7. The rapper previously teased the date with “The Heart Part 4.”

2. He tweeted the link as soon as the video dropped.

Rather than simply letting his fans find the video for themselves, Kendrick shared the link with his followers as soon as “Humble” dropped. He also tweeted the download and streaming websites for every single platform that he released the song on.

3. It’s his first new video in a year.

“Humble” is Kendrick’s first new music video in over a year. This kind of release drew in a ton of attention from fans and music media alike. Listeners who had missed Kendrick’s music flocked to his new video.

Kendrick Lamar’s newest music video became the top trending video on YouTube because fans ran to the rapper’s first new release in a year. He certainly left them wanting more.

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