How Joanne The Scammer Went Completely Viral

Love her or hate, many social media mavens are well-acquainted with Joanne the Scammer. The viral sensation has more than 750,000 Twitter followers and nearly two million followers on Instagram.

Here’s how this quirky character made herself the center of attention.

1. Original characters are always a huge hit with viewers.

From SNL to Miranda Sings, comedic characters have always been a huge hit with viewers. Joanne was created by Branden Miller, who also portrays her. He was inspired by Chris Crocker’s iconic “Leave Britney Alone” video.

To transform into Joanne, Branden dons a blonde wig and a fur coat.

On my way to emasculate a couple of men. Let's chat later..

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2. She’s completely meme-worthy.

Joanne’s passion for scamming men is what makes her so iconic. Her widely recognized catchphrase is “I’m a messy b**** who lives for drama.” Twitter users especially love to create funny memes based on Joanne’s posts and pictures.

Here’s a meme that Joanne posted herself.

Oh how i love to blackmail a bitch.

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3. She stars in her own web series.

Joanne is also the star of her very own parody video series, “Caucasian Living.” This series was created in partnership with the entertainment company Super Deluxe, which already had a pretty decent following of its own. However, together, the two have exploded in popularity.

Check out the first episode here.

Joanne the Scammer isn’t embezzling any followers or views. Her popularity is a mix of creativity and chance. With these tips, you just might be the next big viral star.

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