How To Work Daily Vlogging Into Your Busy Schedule

Many creators would love to daily vlog, but they just can’t seem to find the time. Between filming, editing, meetings, uploads, and everything else that comes with managing your own online career, adding another element of work may seem impossible.

However, if you manage your time wisely, you can work daily vlogging into your busy schedule. Here’s how!

Use your smartphone camera to record your day-to-day activities.

You don’t need to tote a specific vlogging camera around all day, especially when you’ve got a smartphone handy. Many recent smartphone cameras shoot in 4K, so that footage can look just as good as if you used a DSLR.

Plenty of popular vloggers use iPhones to film while they’re doing other work-related things. For example, when iJustine went to London, she vlogged on a new iPhone.

Plan fun, interesting activities on your days off.

You can monetize your days off by turning them into vlog-worthy adventures. Whether you’re visiting a hot new restaurant or taking an international trip, you can take your camera along and vlog as you go.

When Hannah Meloche took a spring break trip to Florida, she created a short vlog to share with her audience. While vlogging didn’t dominate her entire trip, she made time to share a bit of her adventures online.

Consider hiring a videographer to tag along.

Sometimes, a vlog can feel like a reality show. However, instead of a producer calling the shots, the creator is solely in charge. So, if you have the means, you may consider hiring a videographer to film your vlogs alongside you.

Jeffree Star often includes vlog elements in his videos. To help him get the perfect shot, he works with two videographers.

Compile several daily vlogs into a single video.

Rather than uploading a new vlog every day, you may also consider vlogging a little every day and then compiling all the footage into one video. You could upload a weekly or even monthly vlog to your channel alongside your regular content.

Melanie Murphy’s viewers look forward to her monthly vlogs. This series allows her to document the important moments in her life while also sharing little things with her audience.

Daily vlogs can be a fun but time-consuming addition to your channel. Follow these tips to easily work daily vlogging into your busy schedule.

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