How Hunter Hayes Promotes New Music

Country superstar Hunter Hayes is gearing up to release his next album, Lost and Found. Fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting for Hunter’s next release.

Take a look at how he’s been promoting his new music.

1. He teased new songs for several days in a row.

Hunter first announced his new project with a teaser clip of the new song “Amen.” When he shared the brand new track across his social media pages, fans went wild. In the days that followed, Hunter posted clips of several other songs that made the Lost and Found track list.

When you’re getting ready to release a new album, get your listeners excited with snippets of new music first. Share video clips or audio bytes to get them pumped.

Amen. #HHLostandFound

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2. He created a promotional hashtag.

Hunter marks every tweet or Instagram upload that has to do with his new album with the hashtag #HHLostandFound. His followers spread the news by tagging posts of their own.

Make your own hashtag to promote your new music. You could use the name of your next single, the album title, or even your favorite lyric.

3. He plays shows as often as possible.

When Hunter Hayes isn’t busy recording new music, he’s most likely to be found on the road playing shows for his millions of adoring fans. By constantly performing, he gives himself plenty of chances to premiere new songs or covers. He also gets to see firsthand how his audience will react to any new music that he plays.

When you’re working on new music, try it out during one of your shows. See how your audience reacts so that you know how to tweak your song before its official release.

Sincerely, thank you Annapolis! ????: @andy_hawkes_photo

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When it comes to releasing new music, Hunter Hayes knows how to get his fans excited. If you follow these tips, then maybe you’ll be the one promoting new music to millions of fans!

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