How Heffron Drive Connects With Their Fans

Indie duo Heffron Drive is always either on the road or recording new music. As an indie band, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt have cultivated a close relationship with their fans worldwide. This special relationship has led to the formation of dozens of promotional fan clubs and opportunities for the band to play all across the globe.

Here’s how Heffron Drive connects with their fans.

1. They go where their fans are.

Though the duo is based in the southwest US, Heffron Drive often plays shows internationally. Most recently, they toured Italy. The band is currently planning a quick Mexican tour.

If you want the best interaction with your fans, then you should go where they are. Rather than hoping that your fans will travel to where you’re playing, you should book shows where most of your fans live.

2. They engage with their fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Whenever Kendall and Dustin get a spare minute, they love to interact with their fans online. Kendall often spends long flights engaged in tweet chats, and Dustin shares behind-the-scenes clips and live streams.

In order to get to know your fans, talk to them. Answer their questions on Twitter or ask them about their day on Facebook. You could even go live with a live stream of your own.

3. They encourage their fans to work together to promote new music.

Whenever Heffron Drive releases a new single or album, the members and their record company share promotional pictures and artwork that their fans can share in turn. They also encourage their fans to work together to meet certain goals, such as selling out a show or reaching a certain number of video views.

To get your fans involved, set reasonable goals and encourage them to achieve them. Ask your fans to share your latest video with their friends or tweet about your new song with a certain hashtag.

4. They’re always working on new music to give the fans what they want.

Heffron Drive’s success comes down to the fact that they never stop working to give their fans what they want. Kendall and Dustin are always writing, recording, and touring. Drivers everywhere never know what to expect from this dynamic duo.

If you want to be successful, then you should never stop working. Keep yourself dedicated to your career by working to give your fans more of the music that they love.

Heffron Drive couldn’t have gotten to where they are today without the help of their loyal fans. Fostering a relationship with those who support you is the key to a successful and lasting music career.

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