How Grav3yardgirl Creates Different Kinds of Content

Bunny Meyer, who is better known as grav3yardgirl, has more than seven million subscribers and nearly as many different kinds of videos. Though content creators typically find success by focusing on one specific type of videos, Bunny made her channel popular by varying the content she produces.

Here’s what you can learn from grav3yardgirl.

1. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

As you might have guessed from her unusual channel name, grav3yardgirl didn’t start out as a lifestyle and beauty vlogger. Rather, her original focus was paranormal vlogging. However, as Bunny began a new video series called “Does This Thing Really Work?” in which she tests out various as-seen-on-TV products, her channel boomed in popularity.

If you’re not reaching the level of success that you want to achieve with the content you’re producing, then try something new.

This is one of Bunny’s early paranormal vlogs.

2. Do what you love.

The unifying element of grav3yardgirl’s videos is that she is passionate about each and every one. Whether it’s a beauty tutorial or a weird product test, she puts her whole heart into each and every video.

Like Bunny, you should only create content that you’re passionate about. No matter how interesting or funny your videos are, no one will enjoy watching them if you don’t enjoy creating them.

Check out this video in which Bunny tests one of her favorite products, the Wubble Bubble.

3. Get your viewers involved.

Bunny’s viewers have been involved with her channel from the very beginning of “Does This Thing Really Work?”. She lists the address for the postal box that subscribers can send mail to. She often tests out the products that are sent in or makes videos about opening her fan mail.

Investing in a PO box so that your fans can send in mail is just one of many ways you can involve your viewers in your videos. Like Bunny, you can also make conversational vlogs or ask your viewers what kind of videos they want to see.

In this video, Bunny opens fan mail from her beloved “Swamp Family.”

4. Above all else, be yourself.

No matter what kind of video grav3yardgirl is making, she is always 100 percent herself. This is what truly drives people to her channel. When you watch one of Bunny’s videos, she feels like a longtime friend. Simply by being a real, friendly person, Bunny Meyers has earned the loyalty of a fan base who love to watch any video that she posts.

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, don’t be fake about it. Be weird. Be unique. Be yourself.

This vlog is a great showcase for Bunny’s personality.

Grav3yardgirl is a great example of a vlogger who didn’t become successful by only producing one kind of content. When you keep trying, do what you love, get your viewers involved, and be yourself, you’ll find success in time.

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