How Frank Ocean Created Hype for His New Album

The wait is finally over, and Frank Ocean fans are thrilled. His new album has been talked about for years, and he has been silently working on it while building the anticipation. Now, the album is available on Apple Music and iTunes. It’s called Blond, and it’s already one of the most talked about albums of the year.

Here are a few ways that you can learn to build hype for your album from Frank Ocean.

1. Keep the audience guessing.

Throughout the years following his debut album Channel Orange, Ocean subtly stated that he was working on a new album. This created excitement for his fans and made them follow his public appearances and interviews for more information on the album.

While working on an album, release information very slowly. Create curiosity, and don’t give everything away all at once.

2. Release other content.

Recently, Ocean has streamed a series of confusing footage on his website. Fans hoped the videos would include new music but were disappointed when it was just footage of Ocean tinkering in an old warehouse. However, it did confirm the fact that Ocean was working on something and hadn’t forgotten about his fans.

To help create an exciting buildup for your album, release small projects along the way. This will keep your fans happy and show them that you’re working hard on something great.

3. Give hints.

Ocean’s team has strategically given hints to the public on the upcoming album. It was originally called Boys Don’t Cry, which gave fans something to refer to and a solid idea to look forward to. The hint satisfied many impatient fans even though the finished album is titled Blond.

Subtle hints, such as stating the title of the album (even if it’s fake) or releasing one single, will get your audience excited for what’s to come.

4. Take the time to make it perfect.

Putting together an album is a big deal, so it’s important to take the time to make it your best work. Don’t let fans pressure you into releasing something before it’s ready, even if it’s not ready for almost five years. Ocean proves that art takes time, and real fans are willing to wait.

Frank Ocean’s album Blond is available on Apple Music and iTunes. The public anticipation for the album was at an all-time high, creating an unavoidable wave of conversation in the media industry.

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