How Fine Brothers Entertainment Became a YouTube Success

With almost 15 million subscribers, Fine Brothers Entertainment made it’s claim to YouTube fame by showing people popular videos, and getting their opinion. Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine have several segments on their channel, but the “React” segment is the most popular.

Here’s how the Fine brothers took simple interviewing and made it their YouTube staple.

1. Interview people of all ages.

Fine Brothers Entertainment interview people of every age. They show every group a controversial video, no matter their age. They have shown videos of gay marriage rulings to kids ages 5 to 13. They have shown elderly people Nicki Minaj’s controversial music video, “Anaconda.” Even though some content seems “taboo,” it gained massive popularity.

The Fine brothers are not afraid to push people out of their comfort zone and open their minds. They ask uncomplicated questions like “how did that make you feel,” and end up with great content. Viewers love Fine Brothers Entertainment because they challenge ageist stereotypes.

2. Interview YouTubers and celebrities.

Along with interviewing the average person, the Fine brothers also interview celebrities and YouTube Vloggers. Viewers find this fascinating to watch because society likes to know the opinions of famous people. Fans want to see how their favorite YouTuber reacts to a viral video because it makes the viewer relate to them.

When adding a celebrity, your status as a content creator immediately rises. Because they included famous people, their views and credibility increases.

3. Give the viewers exactly what they want.

A great way to figure out what type of content your viewers want is by asking them! During the end of every “React” video, they ask the viewers what they want to see for next time.

Fine Brothers Entertainment take their viewers requests highly into considerations. The reason why fans love the Fine brothers’ videos is because they ask for their viewers requests, and they deliver.

Who knew that showing people popular videos and asking them simple questions would create such great content? Fine Brothers Entertainment knew how to take this simple idea and make it appealing to all types of viewers.

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