How Drake Manages To Stay On Top

Drake is a famous artist who doesn’t really have a set genre, but he is considered to fit the hip-hop and R&B categories. He’s released four albums within eight years and still remains relevant.

Here’s why.

1. Drake has a great team around him.

It’s often debated that Drake doesn’t write his own music, but when you’re an icon like Drake is, it doesn’t matter who’s doing the writing. Staying relevant is his biggest concern, with artist like Quentin Miller giving him a sense of direction. He’s now able to flourish and keep up with the sound of today’s music.

For an artist, you have to be able to adjust with what the fans are listening to, or you won’t be able to keep up and stay on top of the industry. You must separate yourself from the pack like Drake, even when you reached a certain level of success.

Here’s Quentin Miller, who’s a ghostwriter for Drake

2. Drake caters to a broad audience.

In Drake’s music, he makes songs for both men and women, whether it’s the type of mood you’re in or situations you’re going through in your life. These aspects reach out to all other ethnicities, even though many of his listeners come from different backgrounds. They still go through similar situations, and Drake sells this concept musically.

In order to broaden your fan base, you must reach out to all races and try to connect with them in the most emotional way possible. Try to make your audience feel like you’re speaking to them.

3. He has a lot of character.

It seems as if Drake is perceived as a ladies man or some might say a “sap,” but regardless of what they say, he accepts it. When he expressed his love for Nicki Minaj on social media, this news gave fans something to talk about while giving Drake more publicity and carrying out the role he demonstrates through his music.

A great way to achieve success as an artist is to let your personality shine no matter what people think of you. In the end, the people who dislike you will just be another added fan.

Here’s a tweet where Drake expressed his feelings for Nicki Minaj.

Drake is a superstar because he knows what his fans want, and he never fails to deliver.

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