How Doctor Funk Lloydd Is Winning The Music Game

Doctor Funk Lloydd is a Toronto-based artist and producer. Like Chance the Rapper, this hip-hop star is proving that independent artists can conquer the music industry.

Here’s how Doctor Funk Lloydd is winning the music game.

1. He started his own independent label.

Doctor Funk Lloydd is an independent recording artist, rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He works under his own independent label, Nobel Records.

Check out one of his latest releases below.

2. Street dancing got him into music.

Before Doctor Funk Lloyd started making music, he was a street dancer. He still pursues his passions of popping and locking.

His dance past inspired this hit.

3. He started rapping as a teenager.

Doctor Funk Lloydd started beatboxing when he was just fifteen. By the time that he was nineteen, he was also rapping and freestyling. This led to singing, which further rounded out his vocal skills.

Watch him rap about life below.

4. He’s working to release an album.

Doctor Funk Lloydd is working hard to release an album or an EP in the near future. He works alongside his father-in-law, music producer and composer Pablo Avalos.

Doctor Funk Lloyd even has a few collaborations under his belt. Check out one here.

Doctor Funk Lloyd is a phenomenal performer who is well on his way to the top of the music game. This hip-hop star is on a path that music fans everywhere should keep their eyes on.

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