5 Quick Video Ideas That Every Viewer Will Love

When you’re making frequent YouTube videos, coming up with new ideas can get difficult. Next time you’re stuck, try one of these five quick video ideas that every viewer will love!

1. Pull a lyric prank on your friends.

British vlogger Mike Fox has done so many lyric pranks that he’s nearly run out of people to prank. Nevertheless, his viewers can’t get enough of seeing how Mike’s contacts react to receiving song lyrics in lieu of a text message that makes sense.

Check out one of his funniest lyric pranks below.

2. React to something cringey.

The “Try Not To Cringe Challenge” is a recent viewer favorite. YouTube legend Shane Dawson finds cringey video compilations on YouTube and films his own exaggerated reactions.

Here’s one of Shane’s most popular reaction videos.

3. Attempt a ridiculous DIY.

When it comes to DIYs, Lisbug tries her hardest. However, like most of her viewers, she isn’t a craft expert, and her results are more realistic than what viewers see from other vloggers.

Check out this wacky lip balm DIY.

4. Answer viewer questions.

When all else fails, viewers are always going to be interested in a Q-and-A video. Head to Twitter a few hours before you plan to film to collect questions from fans and followers. Be sure to tweet the link to the video as soon as it’s posted.

Here’s a popular Q-and-A that Lilly Singh recently uploaded.

5. Try out an interesting drugstore beauty product.

Matt Slays and JoshuaDTV have created iconic “testing girl products” videos. All this video requires is a quick run to your local drug store.

Watch one of the guys’ collaborations here.

Great videos ideas don’t have to be hard to come by. Keep this list handy for the next time you’re ready to film.

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