How DJ Khaled Mastered Self-Promotion

In music and pop culture, DJ Khaled is growing into a household name. Not only does he produce beats for some of the most popular artists’ songs, but he has also formed a unique media persona of his very own.

His self-promotion techniques are noteworthy and applicable to all media platforms, especially YouTube. The key to growing a large YouTube following is by becoming a brand with marketing potential.

Here are a few self-promotion techniques you can learn from DJ Khaled.

1. Be present on all social media platforms.

Nowadays, it’s absurd for the average American not to have an Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account. Create accounts on every social media platform to represent your brand.

Be smart when creating these accounts. You may want to have separate business and personal accounts since the content should be different.

DJ Khaled is known for his motivational Snapchat videos. Take advantage of the opportunity to post videos and pictures that benefit your business.

2. Spread optimism.

Post positive and inspirational content to attract followers. Viewers are more likely to subscribe to a channel that is consistently providing happy and optimistic videos.

Steer away from controversial issues and bad language. Show viewers that you are appreciative of their support and always spread positive messages.

3. Aim to inspire.

Along with posting motivational videos, DJ Khaled shares his “keys to success” with all of his followers. He takes his fame and uses it to help people that are struggling or feeling defeated.

Find an opportunity to teach your followers anything that you know. Not only does doing this attract more people, it helps form a great relationship with viewers.

4. Create identifiable catchphrases/quotes.

DJ Khaled quotes are all over the internet. It’s questionable whether or not he did it on purpose, but it’s proven to be beneficial to his career.

Finding a phrase or word that is unique to you and your brand is an effective way to self-promote. Be sure that it is something positive and original.

5. Always incorporate goals.

Never pass up an opportunity to promote your future endeavors. DJ Khaled has promoted his new album in every interaction he’s had with fans and colleagues.

Know what your goals are and work towards them every minute.

DJ Khaled is the king of enforcing positive messages and gaining attention through social media. He has mastered the art of self-promotion in ways that are applicable to every content creator.

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