How Demi Lovato Is Promoting Her New Album

Demi Lovato’s summer single “Sorry Not Sorry” paved the way for a successful album release. Now, she’s focused on promoting Tell Me You Love Me, the album that drops September 29th.

Here’s how Demi Lovato is promoting her new album.

1. She’s performing the national anthem at a major sporting event.

Much of America is gearing up for the Mayweather-McGregor fight. In the US, most sporting events are kicked off with the national anthem, and Demi will be leading everyone who’s watching in singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Because this is such a major event on American television, the announcement brought a lot of attention to Demi online.

2. She’s been sharing album artwork exclusively on social media.

Since announcing that she was releasing Tell Me You Love Me, all of Demi’s Instagram posts have been exclusively album artwork. By sharing the aesthetic of her album, she’s getting fans hyped up to hear how it sounds.

Tell Me You Love Me #TMYLMPreOrder

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3. She timed the announcement for a month before the album’s release date.

Demi announced her album about a month before its official release. This short turnaround caught fans off guard and made them even more excited for the album. By moving quickly, Demi is creating hype for her project without letting fans get bored.

Demi Lovato is successfully promoting her new album with major television performances and by keeping the turnaround tight. Tell Me You Love Me is set to take over the charts when it drops September 29th.

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