What Makes Gaming Channels So Popular On YouTube

Gaming is the second most popular type of content on YouTube, right after music. So, a lot of popular YouTube creators run gaming channels, which count for the adult male demographic on YouTube by over 90 percent.

1. They are entertaining in many different ways.

Video game channels offer more entertainment than most channels do on YouTube. They provide either funny or serious gameplay. However, most gaming YouTubers are comedic.

There are plenty of people who want to show off games and game play in a serious tone, but that’s not for everyone, especially not on YouTube.

2. Video game streaming is exploding in popularity.

Just as video game streaming exploded with the rise of Twitch and YouTube’s gaming community,
it’s still growing today. It also helps that they play many relevant, popular games, such as GTA, Uncharted 4, and other games that many viewers can’t afford to buy or play.

3. They offer a lot of variety.

They don’t only do Let’s Plays. Youtubers like Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and Jacksepticeye produce a variety of content, including podcasts, reading comments, playing indie games, playing fan-made games, filming collaboration videos, and much more.

Their content is always new, fresh, and relatively short.

That’s why gaming channels are so popular. If they never did anything new, then there’s no way they would be as successful as they are today. They have a lot of variety and entertaining content to offer.

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Abdul Saad enjoys playing video games, reading, and coding. He loves Twenty One Pilots.

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