How This British Singer Earned Her First Million Subscribers

British independent artist Dodie Clark has more than 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She frequently posts original songs, often getting millions of views. She even had an EP chart at number six in the UK last week.

Here’s how Dodie earned her first million subscribers on her music channel.

1. She posts visually interesting yet simple videos.

Many of Dodie’s videos feature small animations or changes of scenery. It’s amazing what a little camera work can do for a music video. Her videography skills transform her work from simple to stunning.

2. She uploads new content every few weeks.

Though music fans are always hungry for new songs, an artist has to be careful not to compromise quality in favor of quantity. By only posting one new song every few weeks, Dodie keeps her viewers satisfied without sacrificing the lyrical ingenuity that they first fell in love with.

Recently, Dodie performed an acoustic version of a song from her new EP, You.

3. She creates supplementary video content on her secondary channel.

Many viewers enjoy Dodie’s personality as well as her voice. She has another 670,000 subscribers on her secondary vlog channel. She often uploads non-musical content to this channel, which in turn drives more viewers to her main channel content.

Dodie Clark has more than a million subscribers on her music channel because she times her video uploads well. Her secondary channel’s content also brings more viewers to her music videos.

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