How Bruno Mars Made It Big

Almost everyone on the planet has heard of Bruno Mars. With more than 27 million followers on Twitter and four Grammys, Bruno Mars will never be forgotten. After going on a four-year break, Bruno Mars came out with new album 24k Magic this year.

One would think after being gone for so long, it would be difficult to make a successful comeback, but for Bruno Mars, that isn’t the case. With his new album and a tour set for 2017, it seems as if he never left.

Here is how Bruno Mars became the success that he is today.

1. He got his start writing for other artists.

Before going on stage himself, Bruno Mars was composing songs for other singers like Jay-Z, Ceelo Green, and more. This allowed him to focus on his talent without getting distracted by the spotlight. He was able to work with talented artists and get their feedback on his work.

Staying out of the spotlight in the beginning helped him develop his music writing skills, prepare him for the stage, and made him a better artist today.

2. He has different taste in music.

Have you listened to his latest album 24K Magic, or his hit song “Uptown Funk?” If you have, you know his style in music is changing, and it reflects music that was created in the 70s and 80s.

Yes. he is considered a pop artist, but his music could arguably be far from it. His new song “Versace On The Floor” sounds like an 80s slow jam, and other songs on his new album don’t resemble any other song on the radio. This style of music has worked well for Bruno Mars, and his fans love it.

3. He stays out of the tabloids.

For some artists, their names are in every tabloid. For Bruno Mars, his name is barely in the media unless it’s about his music. Even though it’s no secret that he loves the party lifestyle, he is rarely in the tabloids.

Part of his success is because he separates his work life from his private life. The only time you ever see him on TV is for a performance or a positive interview like The Ellen Show.

Bruno Mars takes his career seriously enough to not ruin it with scandal after scandal. In the public eye, he remains respectful and humble.

Bruno Mars has become a household name in the world of music. From writing hit songs for other artists to bringing back an old classic style of music, Bruno Mars will always remain an international superstar.

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