3 Keys to Writing a Hit Song

Aspiring musicians want to create hit songs that make listeners ecstatic. It is important that musicians bring emotion to their work, but studying the technical aspect is vital as well. Now YouTube has made finding advice on writing a hit song more accessible than ever.

1. Learn chord progressions.

Understanding the structure of songwriting is how great lyricists make a living. Most musicians discuss chord changes when inventing a hit. It is common that the lyrics do not come until the rest of the song’s skeleton has been created.

Find a framework for words to fit into. If that seems tough, there are tried and true chord progressions that many hit songs use.

2. Have the right intentions.

Creators have little control over how the world receives their work. Before writing a hit song, ask whether it is one striving for greatness.

Channel emotion with technicality into a cathartic experience. Audiences will be able to recognize passion.

3. Be patient.

Leonard Cohen once said, “If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often”. It is important to be patient and respect the fact that songwriting is a process.

Some great songs are made easily in twenty minutes, but most take time and dedication. Hang in there, and don’t give up on a potentially great song.

Music fans know a hit song when they hear one. A great song can bring people together during celebrations like birthdays and weddings. Something captivates music lovers when they experience the rush of a great song. They all run on passion, feeling, and a lot of technique.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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