How Bethany Mota Became A Major YouTube Star

Many YouTube channels serve as viewers’ personal beauty consultants. They are where people go and discover new tutorials and reviews. Bethany Mota is a beauty YouTuber who enjoys talking about fashion and makeup. She likes to be involved with her fans within her social media and videos.

Here is how she gets millions of views.

1. Her main focus is fashion and beauty.

Bethany Mota’s main channel is about the fashion world. She enjoys making content to show her viewers what she believes to be fashionable. She has her own fashion sense, and she recreates those looks for her fans to watch. Makeup is also something that she likes to review and recreate looks with.

2. She has been involved with other YouTube beauty series.

Bethany has been featured in other YouTube series, such as “Make Me Over.” In this series, Bethany had the opportunity to help give a makeover to a selected girl. This series helped her fashion talent be seen by thousands of people with the same interests.

Participating in other channels or series can be a good way to promote yourself to new viewers.

3. Bethany created her own fashion line.

Bethany created her own clothing styles for Aeropostale. She also did meet-and-greets in selected Aeropostale stores when her clothing line was released. This shows her fashion talent as well as her appreciation to her fans. The clothing line was a good way for her fans to buy merchandise and feel as if Bethany had personally styled them.

Bethany Mota likes to be involved with her fans because she is grateful for all that they have done for her. Keeping your fans connected can be a good way to attract new viewers. Bethany is expanding her talent to other platforms through the fashion world and other video series. This helps her spread her image and talent.

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