How This YouTuber Gained One Million Subscribers

Amber Scholl is famous for recreating celebrity looks on a budget. She also does a lot of DIY projects, home decor, and fashion videos. Amber began her YouTube channel in 2011, but it didn’t officially kick off until 2016.

With over one million subscribers, here’s how she is becoming successful.

1. She has a series for her famous “Making Clothes” videos.

Sometimes all people want is to look just like their celebrity role models, but it can be hard when all the clothes the stars wear costs thousands of dollars. Amber’s series focuses on recreating those look on a super cheap budget. You’d be surprised at what she has made with less than $100.

2. She has DIY videos for home decor.

Not a lot of YouTube vloggers focus on creating home decor videos. By adding a variety of things to your channel, you can bring more audiences. Also, since not a lot of YouTubers vlog about home decor, your videos might pop up more on searches. Amber’s home decor videos are super affordable and easy to make.

Check out this DIY home flooring video she made.

3. Her lookbook videos are extra funny.

Having a fun and goofy personality can make such a difference on your channel. Amber’s personality embodies just that. She enjoys being goofy in front of the camera, which is why so many of her fans love watching her videos.

Amber Scholl’s creativity and goofy personality have attracted many viewers to her channel. Her DIY projects and outfit recreations have helped her grow her channel to now one million subscribers. She is definitely on the right path to gaining more success.

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