Here’s How Big Sean Became a Famous Rapper

At Promolta we do a lot of case studies about successful creators and share key lessons.

Today’s subject is Big Sean. He has 4.35M YouTube subscribers, 2.3B lifetime views and a $26M dollar net worth.

Here are 3 important lessons from his success.

1. Seize the moment

Big Sean literally showed up at a radio station where Kanye West was doing an interview and did a random freestyle for him. Meaning this was not a scheduled meeting and Kanye West has NEVER heard about Big Sean before (watch here). Yet this meeting resulted in Big Sean getting signed by Kanye’s record label in 2007.

Thus, take action. Start making moves to make things happen. Don’t wait.

Photo by Brandonilic

2. Compliment people

When Big Sean was trying to get Kanye West to listen to his freestyle, he told him that he was his hero. This is a proven persuasion technique. When you are trying to get people to listen to you or to respond to you … try complimenting them. Say how impressive and great they are. Complements work well. Try it today and you will see more people will start liking YOU.

Photo by Bsf1499

3. Push to the max

Big Sean spent all his money on studio sessions. He even got financial help from his mother and grandmother to help him get started in the early days. Thus, make sure to put sufficient resources behind your content. It takes a lot of effort and resources to get the ball rolling but once you have a big fan base it’s easy to monetize.

Never give up.

Photo by BigSeanFF

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