5 BIG YouTube Lessons for 2024

Promolta has promoted over 100,000 creators over the past 12 years and we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.

Here are 5 big YouTube lessons for 2024.

1. Trust yourself

Too many creators are listening to others. Instead you should pay attention and listen to YOUR instincts. Most people have their own agendas and self serving interests. Thus, listen to yourself and pay attention to what your gut instinct is telling you to do.

2. Innovate

The best way to blow up on YouTube is to innovate on content. Try to make every video you produce unique and different. The more you stand out, the more people will talk about you and share your content.

3. Be patient

Great things take time. Almost EVERY creator who became really successful worked on their craft for YEARS. Thus, don’t be so hard on yourself and give things time. Making small progress every day accumulates to MASSIVE success over the years.

4. Study others

You can learn so much by studying other successful creators. They will NEVER tell you their true tips and tricks but you will be able to SEE what works. Pay attention to their videos and study them. Then apply some of the lessons you learn and see what resonates with your fans.

5. Take action

The best way to make things happen is to be action oriented. The worst thing you can do is to sit on your hands and wait. Do something. Release that video you’ve been holding back, create that collaboration you’ve dreamed about, and reach out to some influential folks in your industry. Be aggressive.

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