Halloween Videos for Every Channel

‘Tis the season, the Halloween season, that is! No matter if you are a beauty vlogger, gamer, musician, or another content creator, creating a Halloween-themed video can attract new subscribers as well as entertaining your loyal followers.

1. Beauty Gurus of the Night

Since a big part of Halloween is costumes and makeup, beauty vloggers can fit Halloween right in with their other content. This can be a simple Halloween look, a glam Halloween look or an experiment with SFX makeup if you’ve never done it before.

Besides just adding a Halloween element, you want to make sure that the content you are creating is new and attractive to both new potential subscribers and your faithful subscribers. So. as a beauty vlogger, you can step outside of your typical content for the special as well. Maybe you’ll play a Halloween themed game with a friend, or maybe you can bake Halloween treats or paint a pumpkin. The possibilities are endless!

This beauty guru typically creates glam looks but creates seasonal specials to give Halloween makeup ideas.

This makeup artist went outside of normal content to paint pumpkins for Halloween. She also presented it as a live stream.

2. Trick, Treat, or Game

For gamers, creating a Halloween special can be an interesting way to bring new games to your channel or an opportunity to collaborate with other gamers on YouTube. This can be particularly entertaining for your subscribers if you are wary of scary games and are willing to play a horror game or scary game for the special.

You are also not limited to your typical gaming content. You can also use this special as an opportunity to bring or test out completely new content on your channel. Maybe you want to script and film a short ghost story or produce a vlog special about what you are actually going to do on Halloween.

This channel covers creepy games year round and still does something special for Halloween.

This gamer plays a special Halloween version of a fan favorite game.

3. Spooky Vloggers

If you exclusively create vlogs or if you have a second vlogging channel, this is a great place to incorporate a Halloween Special. Again, you can stick with your typical content that highlights the holiday, such as you and your friends or family going trick or treating or planning a costume party.

Additionally, you can go completely outside of your normal content as well. Maybe you have never tried Halloween makeup before and want to for the special, or maybe playing a horror game, or watching a scary movie and creating a reaction video.

This popular blogging family creates a vlog that just highlights their Halloween shenanigans.

This vlogger changed the pace of normal content with a Halloween special focused on candy.

4. A monster mash of other content

No matter what kind of content you create, you can add a Halloween spin to it. Instead, just like any other content creator, you can use the special to test out brand new content on your channel. The great thing about it is that it is one holiday, so if things do not work out with the special, it’s okay.

The important thing is that it gives you an opportunity to open your channel up to newcomers, and it opens you up to new content opportunities. You could end up with an annual Halloween special tradition.

This food content creator gives tips on creating easy Halloween treats as part of a Halloween special.

This composer puts out a special of Halloween music.

5. No Halloween for you

So you don’t like Halloween or scary movies or trick or treaters or candy corn. No problem! Making a Halloween special about why you don’t like Halloween can be just as entertaining as creating a Halloween-themed video.

Talk about it, rant about it, write a song about it, but create a video about why you do not like it, and it can still attract and entertain subscribers.

This content creator has a “Things I Hate” series and added Halloween into the mix.

This vlogger has some very strong opinions about Halloween and shares them with her fans.

Creating a Halloween special can be a fun and interesting way to try out new ideas for your channel, and can bring in some new subscribers for you. Get creative, dare to go outside of your comfort zone, or document what you actually do on Halloween, there are many ideas to take advantage of.

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