How To Grab Viewers’ Attention in 15 Seconds (Or Less)

You have 15 seconds to grab viewers’ attention on YouTube. Viewers spend a very brief time to decide if they want to continue watching a video. Thus, YouTubers and video marketers are faced with an increasing challenge to retain viewers with compelling introductions.

Below are four tips to help you grab viewers’ attention within the first 15 seconds of your video:

1. Summarize your video in the beginning

Offer a video summary in the first 15 seconds of your video. The beginning of your video should provide a preview of what is to come. Viewers need instant clarification that they are watching the right video to gather the information they need. Thus, highlight the information your viewers can take away, with a short and punchy introduction. A video summary is a good way to tell viewers that they have arrived at the right information source. Watch the below video by DNews for example:

2. Craft a compelling introduction

Create an introduction that  will instantly hook your viewers. Start with an intriguing story, a less-known fact, a breaking news story or an opposing viewpoint. You can also hook viewers by promising information they cannot find anywhere else. Make sure you live up to the promise or you will lose credibility, and in turn your viewers. The goal is to intrigue viewers and pique their interest so that they continue watching the video. Watch the below video by ||Superwoman|| for inspiration:

3. Avoid starting your video with a blank background

Several videos begin with a blank screen that last for at least 3-8 seconds. Doing so can adversely affect your video. Due to shrinking attention spans, viewers are likely to drop out of a video that doesn’t begin with a bang. Instead of wasting precious time, get to the point and convey your message quickly. You have 15 seconds to grab viewers’ attention. Use it wisely!

4. Avoid using custom intros

Refrain from using custom introductions in your videos. Several YouTubers use the first few seconds to brand their channel. Instead, YouTube recommends you to offer compelling content up front and brand your channel later. Interesting content is the highlight of your video. Include it in the very beginning to entice viewers to continue watching.

Human attention spans have dwindled from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds. Thus, YouTubers and marketers must adapt quickly to cater for a generation of Internet customers who expect instant indulgence.

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