3 Golden Rules To Engage Your YouTube Audience

Audience engagement is essential to build your YouTube community. Follow the below tips to engage your audience and turn them into your loyal fans:

1. Interact with your audience

Interaction is the key to building a loyal community on YouTube. Positive interactions can turn viewers into long-term followers. Additionally, responding to comments and social media mentions will encourage your community to actively participate in your channel. Follow the below tips to enhance interaction with your audience:

Listen to your viewers: Pay attention to the comments your viewers are posting. Answer their questions and reply to their comments to keep the conversation going. Viewers will appreciate your efforts to interact with them and will come back to your channel for more.

Call viewers to action: Don’t hesitate to ask viewers to like, share or comment on your videos, and subscribe to your channel. Below is Donal Skehan’s video asking viewers to subscribe.

Ask viewers for ideas: Request viewers to suggest ideas for your upcoming videos. Ask them what they would like to see and create your next video accordingly.

2. Reward your loyal followers

Reward your most loyal followers to thank them for their participation and engagement. You can organize contests or cool giveaways to show your gratitude for their support. Below are a few rewards you can consider giving your ardent fans:

Include in-video shoutouts or mentions: Call out to some of your fans who have supported you throughout your YouTube journey. You can also go the extra mile and feature them in your video.

Organize meetups: Some YouTubers organize meetups with their die-hard fans to connect and interact. You can also connect with fans via Skype or Google Hangouts if you cannot make it in person. Below is video of Superwoman’s meetup in L.A

Organize giveaways: Consider giving away freebies and gifts to a few followers. Giveaways are great incentives to turn your viewers into loyal fans. Below is a giveaway video by Stephanie Carina.

3. Encourage viewers to participate

Encourage your viewers to participate in the idea-generation and video-making process. Follow the below tips to enhance audience participation:

Ask viewers for suggestions: At the end of your videos, ask your viewers to suggest content ideas in the comments section. Make sure you pick the best idea and make a video around the topic. Give credit to the viewer who inspired the idea for your video. Below is Troydan’s viewer video requests.

Ask viewers to make videos: Provide a general topic and ask your audience to make short videos on it. Compile the best videos from the submissions and post it on your channel.

Collaborate with viewers: Create conversational-style videos featuring some of your followers. Make it entertaining to hook viewers and make them want to be a part of your videos. Watch Rachel’s video inviting viewers to collaborate with her.

Popular YouTubers have large communities because of their interactions with viewers. They have managed to build a legion of followers by making their channels more engaging. Follow the above tips and turn your channel into a favourite viewing destination for your viewers.

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