Get Fans To Promote Your Music

Ballin’ on a budget? We get it. Being a musician is tough – especially if you’re still working a day job. Why not enlist the help of the very people who support you? As long as you’re nice about it, fans are definitely willing to help. Here are 3 ways to get your fans to promote your music.

Make A Street Team: Forming a street team is a smart way to get your band some much needed hype. Comprised of eager fans, this team would be hanging your posters, wearing your merchandise, and getting your name out wherever they can. Of course this awesome help does come at a price. You’ve got to have the right incentives.

Offer Incentives: What are the right incentives? Free tickets, a cool resume line, and offering online recognition are some of the many things you can give a street team. Your other fans can benefit from incentives as well. Exclusive downloads or signed posters can be exchanged for sharing your posts on social media.

Hold Contests: Make things a little more fun by holding contests. 1 of your next 50 subscribers could win concert tickets to your next gig. Have fans Instagram your album photo and pick one at random to receive cool merch. Try a number of contests on all your social media channels.

You don’t always need expensive campaigns. Enlist the help of fans to get the music lovers talking.

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