Funding Your First Album Through Kickstarter

Crowdfunding services are websites that let anyone (teachers, businesses, singers) pitch a project and ask for contributions – big or small. For some, achieving their dreams has become a reality through the donations of others. Here we take a look at how musicians can use Kickstarter to fund their first album – or any project for that matter.

Have Multiple Reward Levels

Fans want to help you with as little or as much as they can afford. Make sure there are at least five levels of rewards they can receive. Remember that the gift should be something fitting to the contribution. Signed merchandise, personal messages, or any other exclusive content can be used as rewards. One of the awards, of course, should be related to the project you’re trying to accomplish. Tour tickets and CD’s fall under this.

Update Supporters With Your Progress

Don’t leave fans in the dust. Post pictures in the studio, record practice sessions, and capture anything else that might be related to your project. People want to see the results of their contributions haven’t gone to waste.

Don’t Set Too High Of A Goal

Kickstarter can be a bit tricky when funding your project. If you don’t reach your goal, none of your contributors will be charged and you’ll have zero dollars. The all-or-nothing model can be stressful so it’s important to set something realistic. Realize how much your own contributions will be before you set an amount.

Be Genuine

Kickstarter doesn’t do the work for you. Setting up a project will not take care of itself with one listen to your music. Your passion absolutely needs to shine through, so take extra care when hyping up your project. What has been most challenging on your musical journey, and what has been most rewarding? Make something of your story so anyone can tell the importance of this project to you.

One of the biggest obstacles musicians face is finding the money to make professional albums. With services like Kickstarter, everyone has a chance to get the help they need.

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