How Freddiew Made It Big

Freddie Wong, often times stylized as freddiew, is the man behind the production studio/YouTube channel RocketJump. Having joined YouTube back in 2006, freddiew is one of the oldest YouTubers still active today. Having a subscriber count of over 7 million, he is also is one of the most successful YouTubers out there. Over the past decade, freddiew has gone from winning short film awards to signing a production deal with Lionsgate, and he and his channel are still going strong.

Here are some reasons why freddiew has managed to continue to find success.

1. He learned from his mistakes.

Freddiew has been making comedic action videos for years, and in that time he has made a myriad of mistakes. Rather, he made a myriad of early mistakes, as all YouTubers do. Making mistakes is almost like a rite of passage for young video makers.

Some of his early mistakes were common ones, such as bad audio, poor exposure, and low-quality writing. However, the more he created the better his videos would get. He would use every opportunity as a learning experience, and as a result, he reaped success.

2. He challenged himself as a filmmaker.

Even from his early videos, freddiew pushed the limits of what he and his tools could do. From mastering film techniques to continually pushing what he could do with visual effects, freddiew pioneered a new way to produce high-quality shorts for YouTube.

Today his production studio RocketJump offers filmmaking and VFX classes for young filmmakers. By continually producing more and more groundbreaking content, freddiew solidified himself as one of the premiere YouTubers of a generation.

3. He keeps his audience informed.

This piece of advice is something that all successful YouTubers do. Whether it be through various social media accounts, press releases, or even small videos uploaded to his channel, freddiew lets his fans know exactly what he is up to. This level of communication allows fans to feel as if freddiew has a personal investment in them.

In turn, this makes fans feel as though they are appreciated as individuals, making them more likely to support him in the future. By keeping his fans informed, he can also let them know when to expect the next video as well as showing some behind the scenes footage of filming.

Freddie Wong was one of the first big YouTube stars to find early and lasting success. Today he has a successful production studio, film school, and consistently puts out new content. While his videos take much longer to produce than they used to, his fans appreciate the increased quality in both filmmaking and writing. All of his success can be linked back to his ability to learn from his early mistakes, his drive to continually challenge his filmmaking, and his constant communication with his fans.

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