Four Irish Instruments To Inspire You

Traditional Celtic music is like nothing else. The sound of it is unmistakable. It brings to mind the rolling green hills of Ireland, dotted with sheep and trodden by dancers. These four instruments will bring a taste of Ireland’s unique brand of beauty to your music.

1. Bouzouki

The bouzouki is a long-necked string instrument. It is rather banjo-like, and it has Greek roots. This distinct instrument is an ideal change of pace for folk or singer/songwriter music.

Listen to a bouzouki singer/songwriter below.

2. Celtic harp

This traditional triangular harp was associated with the Gaelic ruling class. It is rather difficult to play, so sampling the tinny melodies from another source may be the best way to incorporate this ethereal instrument into a ballad.

Watch this musician play his Celtic harp.

3. Tin Whistle

The tin whistle is a simple, six-holed wind instrument. It is similar to a recorder. The bouncy melodies this whistle is capable of would complement a hip hop track well.

This contemporary musician added her music to a rock-style composition.

4. Bombarde

The bombarde is a woodwind, like a clarinet. It is double-reeded and sounds like a cross between a trumpet and a clarinet. The addition of a bombarde to a horns ensemble in a pop song would definitely make the composition stand out.

Celtic music still has a foothold in modern culture. Connect the past with the present by incorporating one of these Irish instruments into your next release.

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