Five New Venues Where Musicians Can Get Heard

You probably have that same family friend’s coffee shop that you play every Tuesday night from 5-8. However, the same crowd gets tired of the same set every week, just as the musician grows weary of playing for the same crowd. Are you looking for somewhere new to play? Here are some suggestions for venues you haven’t thought of yet.

1. The Local Library

When most people think of the library, they think of a quiet place to read books. However, most libraries operate like community centers, holding clubs and movie nights to bring the community together. Why not suggest a night of live music on the outside patio to your librarian? Libraries such as the Orlando Public Library in Florida already host “Music In The Library Events” to feature local acts.


2. The Museum

Museums are cultural centers. Therefore, many of them love to showcase local talent as a connection between the past and the present. The Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven, Michigan, features a “Music At The Museum” event.


3. The Farmer’s Market

Many members of the community gather together at the farmer’s market. People enjoy being entertained while they choose the perfect kale or handmade rug. These events often feature regional musicians to keep the feeling of community alive. The Davis Farmers Market in California hosts bands who play wide variety of genres, from rockabilly to swing.


4. The Comic Book Store

Known for the quirky and the unusual, the comic book store is the perfect place to try out that song your coffee shop audience isn’t ready for yet. Even though you might not be crooning a ballad about Batman or rapping about Iron Man, many comic book stores like to have live music to draw more people in. Art Boutiki in San Jose, California even boasts itself as the best small venue in its area.

comic book store

5. The Park

You know that big, empty gazebo just standing in the middle of your city park? This looks like the perfect place to play a small, family-friendly set. However, before you set up your guitar and an overturned hat, be sure to check with local park authorities about acquiring a permit. Not only will they be able to help you sort out the legalities and logistics of playing in the park, but the rangers might know about an upcoming event that still needs a band! The Overland Park in Kansas presents Sunday concerts for its community to enjoy.


Music venues don’t need to be typical. In fact, the more unorthodox the venue is, the more unique your exposure will be. Playing these places will help you reach audiences you may not have reached otherwise.

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