How To Film A Music Video On A Low Budget

Making a music video can be expensive. How are you supposed to afford those aerial shots and exotic locations? Although these gimmicks are in a ton of videos, you’ve definitely seen cooler films that had much less. If you want to make your own low budget content, try to start with a decent camera. It’s not a bad investment if you’ll be shooting more videos in the future. These tips will put that tool to good – use without breaking your bank.

Enlist The Help Of Film Students: Film and production students have exclusive access to great equipment and can usually get their hands on props for cheap (or free!). They’re well versed in the art of cutting costs and are super resourceful.

Learn How To Edit Videos: If a student crew doesn’t fit your budget, it’s time to be a self-starter. There are tons of free (or relatively cheap) software out there for film beginners. Thanks to the Internet, learning how to edit videos is a skill that anyone can do.

Film Where You Have Total Access: Renting out locations can be tough on a low budget. You don’t have to be popping bottles in a fancy hotel. Colleges, parks, and city streets are often free and provide great backdrops to a music video.

Use Simple Techniques: Sometimes less is more. Plenty of music videos are filmed in just two locations and shot at a few different angles. Get creative with what you have! If you’re only filming in one location, fill up the space with dancers. If you only want one angle, do a montage of places while your band stands in one spot.

A small budget forces us to stretch our creativity. Stop spending and start filming today!

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