How To Make More Money With YouTube Live’s Super Chat

If you have more than a thousand subscribers and a monetized channel, then it’s likely you’re eligible to use YouTube Live’s Super Chat feature when you stream. When you turn on Super Chat, viewers can donate money to send you highlighted messages in the chat.

Super Chat makes it super easy to monetize your live streams without ads. However, you can’t simply turn on the feature and expect donations to roll in. Instead, you should engage with your Super Chats in a way that makes your supporters feel special.

Let your Super Chats drive the conversation in your live stream.

When you see a Super Chat, don’t ignore it. Read it out loud to your viewers and respond to it. If the viewer wants to change the subject, comply.

A good way to use Super Chats to create a conversation is to ask your viewers specific questions. Acknowledge the Super Chats you receive in response, as if you’re having a discussion with a group of friends.

Thank your supporters by name.

Like other messages in the chat, Super Chats show both the message and the username of the person who sent it. When you read their message out loud, be sure to thank them by name.

Take at least ten to thirty seconds to acknowledge every Super Chat you receive. Since you can’t thank the viewer in person, look directly into the camera when you say their name.

Make your Super Chats interactive with a third-party tool.

Many live streamers use a third-party tool such as IFTTT to trigger an event when they receive a Super Chat. Having a light flash, a siren buzz, or a short jingle play gets all of your viewers excited.

This tutorial will teach you how to integrate your Super Chats and IFTTT to turn on smart devices.

Give your supporters something in return.

People are more likely to donate if they receive something of value in return. Though you can’t send them something physical, you can gift your Super Chat supporters with digital rewards.

For example, you may follow anyone who sends you a Super Chat on Instagram or Twitter. Alternatively, you might add their username to a board in the background of your stream or use their votes to decide your next video idea.

Credit your supporters in the description after archiving your stream.

After your live stream is over, archive it and post it on your channel so that viewers who missed it can still watch. In the video description, list everyone who sent a Super Chat and thank them again.

In the description, you can also encourage viewers to send Super Chats in future streams by detailing how you’ll use the money. If you’re using it to fund a certain project, invest in better equipment, etc., be sure to let your viewers know.

YouTube Live’s Super Chat makes it quick and easy to earn money by engaging with your most dedicated fans. Make your supporters feel special and explain how you’ll use their money to produce more content for them.

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