Everything You Need To Know About The New YouTube Studio

Because YouTube is so creator-driver, the platform is constantly evolving to better support the users who make it successful. The latest creator-specific update to the platform is the new YouTube Studio, which replaced the Creator Studio.

YouTube Studio gives you better insights into your video’s performance.

This updated dashboard gives you more access to your video’s performance analytics. Now, you can view analytics for both individual videos and your channel as a whole. There are also several new metrics, including unique viewers, impressions, and impression-click through rates.

You can compare how your new videos are doing to previous uploads as well. Use video snapshots to see how your videos’ performances measure up.

If you just want a quick overview of how your channel is doing, take a look at your proactive insights.

Keep up-to-date with the latest YouTube news.

The news and announcements tab will keep you connected with what’s happening on the platform. You can find information about all of the new and interesting YouTube updates here.

To get specific information on the newest updates to site features, click on What’s new.

However, the news isn’t the only thing you’ll find. Get tips for improving your channel under Ideas for you.

Check out all the new YouTube features in one place.

Over the past few months, YouTube has added several amazing new features to support creators. Sell merch directly from your channel with the Teespring merchandise shelf. Manage all of your YouTube Live streams in one place. Use the Copyright Match tool to find full re-uploads of your videos and get them taken down.

You can access all of these features from your new YouTube Studio.

The new YouTube Studio makes it so much easier for creators to grow their channels. Check out your channel analytics and the new features, which are all easily accessible in your new YouTube Studio.

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