How Ember Trio Developed a Following With Only Five Videos

Ember Trio is a London based string trio, consisting of two cellos and a violin. Since their YouTube debut in February, they have only uploaded five videos and obtained over 800,000 collective views. They put a classical twist on cover songs and viewers love it.

Here is how Ember developed a following so quickly and with such little content.

1. Do something no one has ever done. 

Ember’s videos are all covers of popular songs. However, by playing the songs on cellos and a violin, the famous melody is transcribed into a classic masterpiece. They step outside of the lines by convert well-known, complex electronic music. Turning electronic songs into classical songs is something most cover artists don’t think of doing.

2. Get trained professionally. 

Each of the members of Ember have been extensively trained in their instrument. This provides them with the knowledge and experience to pull off such a drastic musical change. Not only is their approach different, but it’s precisely accurate. The arrangement sounds perfect which helps each video succeed.

3. Make each video count. 

Every video Ember has uploaded is filmed and recorded in high-quality. It is obvious that they put a lot of time and work into each video’s creative process. If you don’t have the ability to upload videos frequently, make sure each video meets a high standard.

Ember’s recent growth on YouTube has been shockingly fast. All musicians can learn from their approach to quick success.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.


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