3 Ways To Create Videos That Your YouTube Audience Love

Knowing what content your audience love, is essential to create engaging videos. Analyze your viewers’ behavior and viewing patterns to create more videos they like.

Follow the below strategies to tailor your videos according to users’ viewing patterns:

1. Check the Demographics report to see who’s watching your videos

The Demographics report provides you with an insight into who is watching your videos – by age, gender and geography. Each of these breakups can help you design effective video content. For example, let us assume your audience is mostly male between 18-25 years old. Focus on creating videos around topics that this demographic would enjoy watching. Additionally, if you notice that most of your viewers are from a different country, say India, make your content more relatable to the Indian audience. Consider adding closed captions and translating the metadata in the local language to make your videos more accessible. Know your audience demographic to create more videos the like.

2. Analyze the Traffic sources to know how viewers are finding your videos

Traffic Sources report helps you identify how viewers discover your videos online. It also points out sources that generate the most watch time. You can track traffic from other websites, social media accounts and blogs that embed your videos. You can also determine how much traffic you are receiving from YouTube search and recommended results. Additionally, you can even explore what viewers are searching to find your videos. Follow the below tips to use data from the traffic sources report to create engaging content:

  • Check your channel’s suggested videos report. Analyze which videos from other channels are driving traffic to your videos. Try and collaborate with YouTubers from these channels to enhance your exposure.
  • Find keywords that turn up in the YouTube search report. Use these keywords in your metadata to boost your videos’ search rankings. Additionally, create more interesting content around these keywords to cater to viewers’ needs.

3. Scrutinize the watch time report to see which videos your viewers like watching

The watch time report helps you identify videos your viewers enjoy watching. It also helps you determine how long viewers spend watching these videos. Below are a few ways to analyze your watch time report and create content that your audience love:

  • Use the ‘multi-line’ version of the watch time report to get an insight into your top videos. Analyze why they are doing well and incorporate similar strategies when creating new videos.
  • Group your videos together to draw performance comparisons. Gather videos with similar themes, lengths, styles, and compare how well each group is doing. Identify videos that get a lot of views. Create more videos with similar characteristics to keep viewers engaged with your channel.


Knowing your audience and their viewing behavior is crucial to create videos that work. By creating more of these videos, you can turn your audience into loyal fans. Follow the above tips to analyze your audience behavior and create videos they love.

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