A Complete Guide to YouTube Networking Etiquette

YouTube networking is exciting and fun. There is a certain etiquette within networking that must be followed, especially within the YouTube community.  By creating useful and honest relationships with fellow YouTubers, you will open doors to career opportunities that include life-long friends.

These tips will help you maintain proper YouTube networking etiquette.

1. Avoid strictly self promoting on other YouTuber’s channels.

It’s understandable that new YouTubers want to promote their channels, and it can be difficult to find a place to start. Of course, if you want to get your channel off the ground, self promotion is a must. Be careful how you self promote.

Instead of spamming a big YouTuber’s comment section with “Hi I make great fashion videos. Come check out my channel,” say something like “Wow this fashion look-book was really inspiring! I also make fashion videos, come check me out if you have a chance!” This way you are contributing to the comment section, and still leaving a self promo.

2. Be honest and real.

YouTube networking can lead to genuine and positive relationships if it starts out on the right foot. Although the process can feel forced to some people, don’t put on a facade while doing it! When networking with someone, give them your full attention. View it as a new friendship with possible career benefits rather than a forced partnership.

3. Ease into personal information.

When making a new connection through YouTube, it’s important that you don’t offend anyone. Maybe the conversation is going great and you just want to know more. This is where it’s important to stop and think: is this too personal? If you have to ask, then it probably is.

Questions that can be too personal to ask are politics, religion, relationships, and more. These are touchy subjects, and are best to be kept out in the early stages of networking.

4. Let the relationship grow before collaborating.

The point of networking within the YouTube community is to be featured on each others channels, but it’s crucial that you get to know each other before you ask to collaborate. Wait until you are sure you have similar interests, and can get along. Asking too soon can lead to a premature decision. If you ask someone to collaborate with you right after meeting, they might get turned off.

5. Don’t say yes to everyone who wants to collab with you.

Making connections on YouTube is amazing. All different types of people come together and are able to share ideas and techniques. It’s important to see through selfish requests and avoid being pressured into collaborating with everyone. Know your worth and turn down offers that don’t fit your goals.

Networking is full of do’s and don’ts and can get very complicated. But as long as networking etiquette is not broken, you are one step closer to making positive, healthy connections with other YouTubers.

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Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give you information, but also perspective.