How to Make a Shared Channel

A lot of Youtube channels usually are created by one person. They have total control of the creative process, and are able to put their vision on the internet. But if two or more people decide to create a channel together, different obstacles must be faced. Sometimes people butt heads, and unfortunately that can show in your videos.

Here is how to create channel with a friend and work together as a team.

1. Make sure you both love the content you are making.

When starting a channel, both partners need to establish the type of content that will be produced. Try to be open minded and find a common interest. Be 100 percent positive that you and your friend want to make the same genre of content before you establish a channel.

Below are DIY masters Kelsey and Becky. They met in college and both found a love for DIY and Lifestyle. Together, they create amazing and original do-it-yourself projects.

2. Make videos that benefit your relationship.

Whether you’re making a channel with your best friend, significant other, or sibling; use the relationship make creative videos. If your channel includes your husband, make videos about marriage. If you’re channel includes your best friend, make a funny skit about your friendship.

A benefit of multiple people on one channel is that your relationship can be inspiration for videos; and both of you film it together! Below are sister beauty vloggers Niki and Gabi making a comedy skit about sisters fighting.

 3. Have your own segment.

If there a several members on a channel, it can be a great idea to have a theme or segment that each person creates. For example, O2L had a theme for each week, and each member created their own video pertaining to the theme.

This is a smart way to have a channel with a lot of content, but not have to create every single video. Here is an example of Connor Frantas video for O2L’s ‘Summer’ theme.

4. Know when it is time to move on.

Even if both partners do everything right, sometimes it just won’t work out. Maybe one person starts to lose interest, and their lack of effort is showing in your videos. Or maybe both of you cannot get along, and that negativity is obvious to your viewers.

Whatever the reason is, if its not working anymore, it may be best to let go. This doesn’t mean both people can never create content together again. It just means that a solo channel may be best.

Starting a channel with a friend has many benefits, but it can be very hard to maintain. Multiple people can mean less work, but also clashing ideas. Try your best to be open minded and collaborative. But let go if it’s time to move on; this will benefit you, your viewers, and your channel.

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