How To Choose Your Next Album Cover

If you’re having trouble picturing the perfect image for your album, we’ve gathered some useful pointers to make brainstorming a little easier. Here are 3 tips to help you create an album cover you can be proud of.

Keep It Simple: With so many options for fonts, colors, and abstracts, it’s easy to get carried away with designs. If your idea doesn’t translate well into a small icon, it’s best to scrap the design and make it simpler! Try choosing 1 focal point (e.g. album name) to over exaggerate, and then build more subtle details around it.

Market Your Appeal: To help you choose a focal point, think about what makes you or your band unique. Is it your quirky lyrics or funny band name? Maybe everyone in your band has a funny mustache. Showcase your uniqueness by making it front and center of your album art!

Put It to a Vote: While it’s true you should be confiding with some professional designers, the opinions of your fans matter just as much. Put your three favorite designs to a vote and let the fans decide which is best. Not only can you get the opinions of your supporters, but you also create some buzz for the album’s release.

Choosing the right album cover doesn’t have to be difficult – just remember these helpful tips.

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