How to Capture College Radio

College radio stations are some of the last surviving places where people will take your new record, listen to it, rate it, and play it on air. Here’s a quick guide to getting your music on university airwaves and into high-education ear holes.

First, understand that while infiltrating college radio is pretty easy once your music is in a music director’s hands, it can be very difficult to get it there without taking the following steps:

1) Send your new album to radio stations two weeks before your album drops. This ensures your album makes it through the examination and hand-me-down process in time for its release.

2) Once you’ve mailed your discs begin contacting those radio stations to plug your album. Create a contact list of each station’s music directors and/or the director of your particular genre. Make contact semi-regularly to network and create a voice directors can associate with your band and album.

3) If you’re touring in a town where you’re trying to get on college radio, send the station free tickets to your show. This gets you big ups and increases the chances your music gets airplay.

Once you’ve done these tasks successfully and the station managers like your music, it will get played on the radio.

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