How BFvsGF Reached Over 2 Billion Views

BFvsGF is a vlogging channel that has over 2 billion collective views and 9 million subscribers. The pair Jesse Wellens and Jeanna Smith first began pulling prank videos on each other which eventually lead to fame under the name PrankvsPrank. They then took on the channel of BFvsGF which featured daily vlogs on their lives. Although the two are no longer together, their channel still actively gains millions of views. YouTubers can take note of their success.

Here’s how BFvsGF reached over 2 billion views.

1. Be prepared to film everything.

The pair has always filmed whatever they are doing, which makes for amazing videos, especially in a bustling city. However, they have admitted that their relationship was compromised due to the fact that they filmed everything.

Before taking on a channel, make sure that you are prepared to film everything, and that other people in your life can handle it. In order to become successful on YouTube, a lot of your time must be spent working on videos.

2. Take risks. 

To this day, even though they are no longer together, either Jeanna or Jesse will post exciting videos to keep viewers engaged in their channel. Many of the BFvsGf vlogs stand out because they perform risky acts and entertain the viewer with exciting activities.

Make each video stand out by taking risks.

3. Appreciate fans. 

Throughout their entire career, the BFvsGF founders have showed a lot of love to their fans. Always appreciate the people that support you. Meet up with fans and host giveaways to show them that you care about their support.

4. Let your channel grow with you. 

Throughout the years that they have been filming, BFvsGF has gone through many changes. The most recent change is that they are not longer a couple, but they didn’t allow that change to affect their channel. They still post videos and engage with viewers.

By allowing your channel to grow with you, you will gain more followers and show fans that you will always be there to entertain them.

BFvsGF are successful YouTubers that can teach aspiring new people on YouTube many things.

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