8 Ways To Get More YouTube Video Comments

Comments are a great way to get feedback on your videos on YouTube.  The more comments you gain for your videos, the more it encourages new viewers to check out your channel. Below are 8 tips  to get more YouTube video comments:

1) Ask For It

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just by asking your viewers to comment on your video , you can encourage your audience to leave their feedback. You can even post a question at the end of your videos & ask viewers to respond in the comments. Many well-known YouTubers like Bart Baker & Jenna Marbles  have used this strategy to get people to talk about their videos .

2) Catch The Trend

Noticed any topic of interest that has caught a lot of attention lately? By creating videos around trending topics, using thought provoking titles, you can cash in on the popularity. Your video could be a review or a discussion encouraging more viewers to share their perspective on the topic.

3) Use Viewer’s Inputs For Your Next Video

You can encourage your viewers to share their inputs on what they would like to see in the next video. Ask them at the end of your videos to suggest ideas for your next video post. Not only will it keep your audience interested, it will also encourage them to post more YouTube video comments. Plus, you will get to know more about the kind of content people want to watch.

4) Dedicate Videos For Responding To Comments

You can keep a session separately to respond to comments of viewers or you can add it at the end of all your videos. You can read out specific comments & respond to them to make your messages more personal. When you show care in responding to comments, you will gain better credibility as a YouTuber and you can get more interaction from the new viewers. You can check out how other YouTuber’s like Felix Kjellberg conduct their sessions to get more ideas.

5) Make It Special With Q & A Sessions

Many successful YouTubers conduct special Q & A sessions dedicated to answering queries from their fans. Q & A sessions are a great way to increase engagement and interact with your viewers. And even popular stars like Shay Mitchell have conducted Q & A sessions on their channel.

6) Don’t Ignore Existing Comments

There is nothing worse than encouraging people to comment & then leave them hanging. Make sure that you respond to valid comments you get, to let your viewers know that you do care . The more you interact, the more they will engage with you.

7) Promote Discussions

You can even kick start discussions with comments . You will be pretty surprised to learn how fast & often conversations happen on YouTube video comments. Just set the ball rolling for a discussion & you will see a higher engagement from your viewers.

8) Post Comments

You can also try posting comments on popular YouTube videos . The key is to be interactive. You can get started by posting comments on videos of other YouTubers to get noticed by more people & can encourage people to comment on your channel.

As far as possible, make your videos engaging & interactive. The more unique and engaging your content is, the more likely your viewers are comment. With these tips you can increase comments for your YouTube videos.

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– By Tharika Tellicherry

Tharika Tellicherry is a content strategist & writer. She loves writing and enjoys good reads, music, movies, YouTube videos, shopping & all good things on the internet.