4 Things You Can Be Doing To Make Your Live Show More Exciting

Chances are, your fans love the album versions of your songs. That’s probably what drew them to your concert, in the first place. But your live show won’t deliver that clean-cut recording and editing to perfection. So, try to do something different on stage. Plus, if you’re just starting out and are relatively unknown, it’s good to foster some fun vibes by interacting with the crowd.

Directly Introduce Your Band

Even well-known, popular bands introduce themselves when they come on stage. “Hi we’re __ from __” will make your fans feel like they are meeting you one-on-one. Say the names of each of your band members and let them perform a 5-second solo. That way, each of you will have some spotlight. Not just the lead singer.

Tell Some Stories

The beauty of a live show is that there’s room to do more than just strictly performing your songs. Was there anything funny or interesting that happened while on tour? Is there a particular experience that inspired one of your songs? Take a break and mention these in between the performances! Tease or joke with one of your band mates, so their voices are heard too. This will make it more entertaining for your audience. Like watching a live sit-com or talk show – in addition to enjoying the music.

Test Out New Songs

A great way to gauge interest and excitement is by test running some upcoming music. Your fans will feel like they have VIP access to something you’re working on behind the scenes. This is also your chance to figure out some changes to your songs, so that the album version is better.

Add Variations to Old Songs

Maybe your lead guitarist can improvise the solo in a song, to make it more refreshing and natural on stage. Or have your drummer do some new drum fills. You can also practice blending in the tail end of one song with the beginning part of the song that follows. This will make for smoother transitions, without stopping the music.

Your live show isn’t just another studio session. With a full-on audience, awesome stage, and the crowd’s attention on you – be sure to make the most of it!

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Michelle Nguyen is a creative writer whose passions include music, sports, health, and wellness. She loves playing drums and bass guitar, as well as swimming. If she indirectly helps you write the next “Stairway to Heaven,” she will be very happy.

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