7 Ways To Get Your Music Featured On Blogs

A great way to spread word about your music is by getting featured on blogs. Music bloggers receive hundreds of e-mails from independent artists, bands and agencies grappling for their attention. So how can you cut through the noise and get heard?

Below are 7 great ways to get your music featured on blogs:

1. Reach out to bloggers who cover your music genre

Research bloggers who tend to feature your genre of music. For instance, if you have a rock band then send your pitch only to bloggers who cover rock music. The goal should be to target bloggers who would be interested to feature your content.

2. Provide exclusive content to bloggers

Bloggers don’t benefit from featuring music that has already been heard by many people. They value exclusive content because it sets them apart from the crowd. Therefore, offer bloggers a track that you have not made public yet, to increase your chances of getting featured. A lot of musicians have found success by releasing their tracks via blog exclusives.

3. Write an impressive email subject line

Bloggers receive hundreds of emails everyday. If you want to get your music featured, you have to grab their attention first. Strong subject lines are very important to achieve this. If you have something special to offer then mention it in the subject line. For instance, if your song is a new release or if you are featuring a famous artist, make sure you highlight it.  In essence, your subject line must be descriptive, personal and highlight your music.

4. Include a brief description of your music in the email

The key to a successful pitch is brevity and creativity. Bloggers will not have the time to go through an email that is five paragraphs long. The key is to grab their attention with just a few sentences. To achieve this, provide bloggers with the right amount of information in a creative manner. For example, you could explain your music with a relevant quote or an anecdote.

5. Provide important information upfront

Bloggers will need essential information about your track if they decide to feature it. For instance, include links to stream your music on Soundcloud and purchase it online. Also provide links to all your social media accounts. Finally, write a brief official bio that describes yourself as well as your music.

6. Use images and artwork to make your email more exciting

Good email presentation is essential to attract and retain bloggers’ attention. Moreover, visual content offers a truthful representation of your music and yourself as an artist. Therefore, use well-designed artwork or images to compel bloggers to feature your music.

7. Provide an MP3 link to your music 

Include an MP3 link to your music in the email. This will enable bloggers to instantly download your music from their email and listen to it on the go. Also provide bloggers with an embeddable link to your song.

8. Follow professional email etiquette

Bloggers do not appreciate email gaffes. Follow polite email etiquette and use professional language. Check your email for grammatical errors and ensure smooth flow. Finally, send the email to your friends and ask them to review it before you blast it out to bloggers.

One amazing write-up on a leading blog can change your music career forever. Follow the above strategies to get your music noticed by the best blogs on the Internet.

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Manasa Boggaram is a writer and has a strong passion for music, positive news and constructive journalism. When she is not researching story ideas or writing blog posts, she spends her time reading books, discovering new music and eating lots of street food.



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