How To Engage Followers On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best photo-only platforms for bands and artists to connect with followers. Fans crave for a glimpse of the backstage access, the recording booth and the tour bus of their favorite bands. Thus, Instagram can be used as a great tool to visually document your band’s music journey and engage with followers.

Below are four ways to engage with your band’s followers on Instagram:

1. Post 15 second teasers of your music videos

Instagram allows you to upload videos of up to 15 seconds. Serenade followers with snippets of your most popular releases. The goal is to tease fans with short clips of your music and keep them hooked.

2. Involve followers in the recording process

Your fans will be ecstatic to see the music making process. Post pictures or short clips of your band recording a song, taking breaks or discussing creative issues. This will make followers feel like they are a part of something exclusive.

For example, The Civil Wars always post behind-the-scene shots from their recording studio and concerts. They also feature major album details on their Instagram account.



3. Post pictures of your tour

Let fans in on the magic of going on a tour. Post short clips of road trips, pit stops, gig venues and funny moments you experienced along the way.

For some inspiration, take a look at the Foo Fighters’ Instagram page. The band has posted a series of photographs documenting their gigs across the globe.



4. Make your Instagram feed humorous

Humor is a great way to engage followers. Post funny pictures or videos that will throw fans into a laughing fit. How about posting bloopers or funny goof ups by band members? A hint of comedy will help you develop a great personal connection with fans.

Take a look at Diarrhea Planet’s Instagram page. It is filled with funny sketches, guitars and lots of hilarious band moments.



Instagram is growing at an astonishing rate and more people are gravitating towards this social network. Follow the above tips to increase engagement with followers on Instagram.

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