7 Quick Ways To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Subscribers are vital to build a loyal fan base on YouTube. They watch more, share more, buy more and enjoy following your journey.

Below are 7 great ways to attract the first 1000 subscribers to your channel:

1. Create an engaging channel trailer

A channel trailer is a great promotional tool to get more subscribers. YouTube allows creators to upload a channel trailer on the channel’s home page. A channel trailer essentially introduces your channel to new subscribers. It provides an insight into what they can expect from your channel. A channel trailer will auto-play when a non-subscriber visits your landing page. Thus, channel trailers are a great way to compel new viewers to subscribe to your channel. Below is an example of a good channel trailer:

2. Use call to action annotations

Viewers often don’t subscribe to a channel after watching a video they like. Annotations are a great way to compel viewers to hit the subscribe button. They enable viewers to perform an action while watching a video. Several YouTubers have noticed a spike in channel subscriptions after adding annotations to their videos. Thus, use annotations to create a clickable channel subscription link on your videos.

Like this video below. The creator uses annotations and strong call to action phrases at the end of the video. Adopt this vital strategy to attract more subscribers.

3. Cross-promote your YouTube channel

Establish your presence on all digital platforms to enhance discoverability. Spread word about your channel on all social networks to get more subscribers. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest regularly. Post 15 second teasers of your videos on Instagram to direct more traffic to your channel. You can use Buffer to schedule your posts to all social media networks regularly.

Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Stumbleupon are crowded with users and communities looking for new content. Post a link to your video with appropriate tags to attract new users to your YouTube channel.

Blogs are a great way to attract potential subscribers. Add a YouTube widget to your blog or website. In addition, create a circle of bloggers who will help enhance video views by embedding your videos in their posts. Reach out to bloggers who write about topics related to your channel. This will direct the blog’s readership community to your YouTube channel.

Thus, adopt aggressive cross-platform promotions to quickly obtain your first 1000 subscribers.

4. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborate with other YouTubers to increase your exposure. Collab videos expose your channel to your partners’ audiences and subscribers. Look out for YouTubers who create similar videos and approach them to make a collab video. You can either make a collaborative video together or make separate videos. Do not forget to give each other in-video shout outs if you choose to do the latter. Further, promote each other on your channels and social networks.

This is a good example of a collaborative YouTube project:

5. Optimize your videos to improve search rankings

The best way to get more subscribers is by appearing at the top of Google and YouTube search rankings. Pack your video title and description with keywords that viewers will use to find content similar to yours. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched video keywords. A top ranking search result translates to thousands of potential subscribers.

6. Interact with viewers

Engage your viewers and subscribers in a conversation to show that you care. Encourage your viewers to provide feedback and suggestions. Further, respond to viewers’ comments promptly and answer all their questions. This strengthens your relationship with viewers and promotes loyalty. Develop an unbreakable bond with viewers so that they keep coming back to your channel.

7. Consistently upload videos

Follow a consistent uploading schedule and follow it diligently. This will help you create a routine for viewers. For instance, post videos around the same time every day or every week. Viewers will visit your channel at the designated time to watch your videos. Publish your posting schedule in your channel description, video description, video intros or outros and all social networks.

For example, below is a screen shot of Rosanna Pansino’s channel description.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.02.01 pm

Consistency ensures you upload new videos regularly. Additionally, experts have reported a positive correlation between the number of videos and the number of subscribers. Therefore, upload more videos to attract more subscribers.

In conclusion, experiment with various techniques to multiply your subscribers. Create unique and engaging content to give viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel. Follow the above strategies to get your first 1000 subscribers NOW!

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